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by Sea Of Storms

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released November 29, 2012

Recorded in 2012 at The Orchard by Josh Scolaro



all rights reserved


Sea Of Storms Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Exit Strategy
It's as scripted as before, you could fill in as you go
You're a hopeless opportunist, that's all
Let the actors take the stage, filling all the roles you've made
and the audience be damned if they're appalled
medication at it's best, take the set down and redress
when the groundwork's all been set, we'll make the call

And what you call romance, is a cyclical dance
made for one, played for two
(and off you go)

It's unending so stop pretending it's alright
The lies you've been spreading all your life, just like…

It was the best that you could give
Track Name: Belly Full of Bones
I'm serving up bad ideas with every ounce of ease
and every manner of salvation's up to me
So let it go, let it break, let the other question all the time it takes
Austere, in absolution, and you're so ghost

Don't let them catch you on your knees
pinned down by your philosophies.
Don't let them catch you on your knees
head full of things that you can't see

The air's grown thin, so let's get moving
We're obsolete, right up above
the gods we wish would answer
the prayers we keep.

It makes me want to crash this car
to show that human's all we are
We fill our head with words unsaid
in which we're fed

with a belly full of bones
and a "place to call our our own"

We move in ways our hearts can't weigh
and we'll take our chances and disobey

and don't let it go
Track Name: Snake Oil
They used to find you in the back yard painting pictures of the things that you'd created
or pouring over letters from lovers

but now, goddamn, I swear the pressure drops to the basement when you walk in
I'm wearing thin when these dusty fingerprints have more spirit than your skin
You wear a hole in conversation that would give a moth the spins
While I wear rings around my eyes, a round routine, around all the shadows in-between

I put in place these walls, or your words goes right through my ear drums
Making a nest where they feed off of meaningless connections

Does reinvention mean that you're too proud?
Or do you make excuses just to watch the minute hand go 'round?

I've grown sick of your fashion, you're tenuous lack of attention
Your idea of evolving involving a lack of human compassion
Actually It makes sense that you prey on the ones who believe in you most
because you'd play host to a multitude of halfhearted toasts

but it's a shame you don't mean the words you say